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Glamping Sites in Peterstone – Norfolk Brickyard

Glamping Sites in Peterstone

Norfolk Brickyard
Burnham Road
Norfolk NR23 1RR

Telephone 01328 730663


Glamping Sites in Peterstone

We do our best to give you a truly “off the grid” camping experience in a private campsite with private pitches, in the natural and wilderness setting of a lost and forgotten brickyard on the north Norfolk Coast.

This is the site if you want to have a closer look at coastal rural Norfolk from a tent, campervan, caravan or motorhome.

his is the site if you want to have a closer look at coastal rural Norfolk from a tent, campervan, caravan or motorhome.

We have decided not to put a location map up on the site for security reasons, plus, you have to book in advance. We are a “wild” campsite and would like you to make sure that we are suitable for you. Please try and arrange bookings by email 


We have some more facilities now, like a flushing loo, hot and cold running water, hot showers but we are still really “bush-style” camping, away from the road and with a closeness to nature. All of our pitches are secluded and mostly completely private, screened by bushes and trees from other pitches on the site. Some of our pitches are suitable for motorhomes but we do not have electrical hook-up. All of our pitches have a ring of bricks for a campfire.

We are about 5 mins from the sea by car or about an hours walk. Holkham Hall is about 45 mins walk and Holkham beach about 2hrs, nearly all the way on private drives. Bicycles are the best way  to get about, making Holkham beach accessible in about 25 -35  mins, mainly off the road.

Sadly we cannot take dogs. This is why we don’t allow dogs or other pets:

We are a wild campsite. We are surrounded by wild creatures and wilderness.

There is a huge effort for conservation in and around this part of the North Norfolk coast. The Brickyard is just a few pixels in the bigger picture but it is our decision to not take dogs. We at the brickyard do all we can to support the excellently qualified and ecologically driven individuals who work so hard to maintain the local environment as part of the wider and magnificent Holkham Estate. Many of the practices employed for conservation are defined through decades of experience as well as the latest thinking on preserving biodiversity and countryside health.

We just love that at the brickyard, our guests are often thrilled to see deer, hares, stoats, weasels, pine martins and other creatures, just strolling through their pitch. There are so many animals that often stay away from even the scent of a domesticated pet like a dog. You would think they would be scared of humans too but not so much. Campers regularly come to tell us what they have seen. We have a thriving population of hedgehogs and we even saw a badger on our trailcam once. We leave lots of cover so our place is an amazing location for wild animals.

Many campers find alternative arrangements for their dog or dogs.

We hope you can come if you can leave the dogs behind.

Officially, check-in is not until 3pm but we are pretty relaxed about that. If you want to come earlier please do. If you can’t get straight onto your pitch you can hang out in our barn for a bit and relax after your journey until it’s free. Official check-out is 11am. Most people have packed up and left by about 11 or 12am. If you want to stay later just let me know and I will see what we can do. There is a late arrival fee of £10 if you get here after dark.

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